After over a quarter century playing America’s hottest jazz festivals and backing the Smooth Jazz elite as core members of the super-busy and acclaimed jazz/funk ensemble Urban Jazz Coalition, bassist Phil Raney and guitarist Duane Tribune venture off on an exciting, equally engaging and funky side excursion they call The RT Project. Providing the perfect motivational soundtrack to the new year, the duo’s tasty, upbeat debut single “Lifted” features electric guitar driven fire and fluidity riding over a tight, bouncy groove, caressed with dreamy synth atmospheres. This is a certifiable hit!

Sandy Shore -


The RT Project

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New Music From UJC's Phil Raney & Duane Tribune...The RT Project.

Duane Tribune - Guitars; Phil Raney - Bass, Keyboards, Arrangements & Programming. Mixed by Phil Raney & Mastered by Duane Tribune.

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